Can caffeine combat ADHD?

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Can caffeine combat ADHD?
« on: 13/04/2014 08:30:01 »
Paula kiely asked the Naked Scientists:
   I have ADHD and so do my two boys ages 34 and 28.

When my boys were little, they were very hyper and had trouble concentrating in school. Their teachers wanted me to put them on meds, I refused. Before they left for school in the morning, I would give them each 1/2 cup of coffee with very little sugar and cream.

After drinking it, they seemed to mellow out tremendously and were able to concentrate and not get into trouble as before. The same goes for me, after drinking 1 cup of coffee with sugar free creamer in the morning, within 1 hour I am ready to go back to sleep. The caffeine counteracts the hyperactivity and it slows us down a bit.

I know that Ritilin, which is speed, is given to children who suffer from ADHD. Caffeine acts the same way, but only a small amount is needed to counteract ADHD.

I hope you can do some research on this, I have suggested this method to MANY mothers of children with severe ADHD and it worked beautifully.
What do you think?
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