Feedback: Does the cereal industry use the gaze trick?

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Mukhtar Amiri asked the Naked Scientists:
In last week show you mentioned that some cereal packages contained images that were looking down to make eye contact with children walking down an isle in a supermarket and we could not be sure whether this was by design or coincidence.

It occurred to me that you could ask them. I am not suggesting that they should tell their trade secret but what is standard practice to them. The likes of Uniliver and others claim to stand on a high moral ground so they should have nothing to fear.

The general public, quite rightly, think that science and scientists are not just those who do research at universities but also those that work in industry. After all it is the science done in industry that affect us most in our everyday lives than that carried out at universities. So it makes sense to bring industrial scientists in your show. The danger is that they might use your program to advertise their product or company.

Thank you



Mukhtar Amiri
What do you think?
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Re: Feedback: Does the cereal industry use the gaze trick?
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There's something far wrong with that bit of "science". A picture of a face with eyes looking down will be looking down no matter what angle you look at it from, so it will not be making eye contact with children, but staring at their private parts.