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« on: 20/04/2014 00:55:33 »
I do not know if this will work at all, but i was thinking that if you used infrared controlling altitude sensors and connected them to a strong propellor (or several) and then attached this to (or within) a board, would there be a possibility - if using strong enough propellors - that it would be able to hold the weight of a person.

Some toys have come out with this technology of hovering when it senses an object beneath it.  Could you take this and make it into something useable as transport?

Just a theory, anyone know if this would work?  [:)]


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Re: Hoverboards
« Reply #1 on: 20/04/2014 08:40:36 »
You have to define your goal. 

A helicopter can hover by design.

Hovercraft are a group of low draft boats that basically ride on an air cushion, generally for water travel, but may be able to come up on flat land too.  They vary from personal sized to large ferries.

There are now maglev trains.

There is also a flymo lawn mower.

Near ground hovering may reduce resistance, but I don't foresee general use of something hovering significantly above the ground, and over rough terrain like the Star Wars Speeders.