Is this the place for me

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Is this the place for me
« on: 24/04/2014 15:09:55 »
Hi to all. First post. I have been reading up on cosmology for a while and am looking for somewhere with open minded people to discuss some ideas with. Some of what I would like to post has been posted on other sites but has been revised since those postings.
I am not arguing against accepted theories and science, however I am arguing about the current interpretations of those facts and theories such as the accepted interpretation of the twins paradox.
There is also the problem that what can be explained in an hour or so over a cup of coffee may turn out to be almost impossible to explain over a medium such as this as it covers everything from Black Holes to Quantum Entanglement to Renormalisation to the curvature of space and time dilation/length contraction.


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Re: Is this the place for me
« Reply #1 on: 24/04/2014 16:34:22 »
The "New Theories" section is a good place to discuss your unique perspectives about science. 

Sometimes writing down thoughts can be difficult, but it can also help you organize your thoughts, and perhaps better evaluate their strengths and weaknesses yourself, as well as getting audience from around the world.