Could magnetoreception influence photosynthesis?

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Could magnetoreception influence photosynthesis?
« on: 07/05/2014 13:54:06 »
It is theorised that they are both quantum biological processes producing free radicals and quantum states - so could their interaction be creating free radical recombinations?.

Scientists have already demonstrated that a weak magnetic field impacts on the production of a certain molecule found in a photosynthetic bacterium

"The bacterium contains a pair of chlorophyll molecules, which allow it to harvest energy from light. But the process relies on a cascade of chemical reactions that can also turn oxygen from the air into a highly reactive form called singlet oxygen, which can damage DNA or proteins in a cell. A magnetic field slightly changes this sequence of reactions by stabilizing a radical molecule formed from chlorophyll that would otherwise generate singlet oxygen.

The scientists removed the photosynthetic molecules from R-26 to study them, and found that a magnetic field of 20 millitesla, just 400 times the Earth's magnetic field, was enough to cut singlet oxygen production by up to 50%. The team also saw that under this magnetic field, roughly 50 times weaker than that generated by the lifting electromagnets found in junkyards, the photosynthetic molecules were protected against singlet oxygen damage".

I have pulled together some other information and ideas (see link below), but it was be interesting to find out what else is out there.