The Global Science Connection, new scientific informational organization. SURVEY

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We are a new non-profit organisation, named The Global Science Connection, trying to bring relevant and complex scientific news and information to the public. We will do this through several channels like live streamed conference events, a big informational website, some smaller networking/movie events and university lectures for example. Many more to come.
Now, to fine tune our organisation and events to what our public really wants we acquire some additional statistical information. This is where You could help us a lot!

We made a small survey and it would be very helpful to us if You have 4 minutes to complete this for us. All the information we are trying to gather is strictly for our own non-profit organization and will never be shared with others.

You can find the survey here: newbielink: [nonactive]

Thanks in advanced for 4 minutes of Your time.
The GSC Team.