Asymmetrical General Inflation

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Asymmetrical General Inflation
« on: 15/05/2014 23:42:29 »
1st you should know this inflation theory which is going to be discussed wont be the 14.7 biilion years before  :

 we know during big bang all the 3 fundameltal particles ( strong, weak and EM ) were same as standard model proposed now in inflation  theory it provides an idea of expanding the space-time and we are familliar with that now the model I am presenting probably have so much flaws but I just want to see is it worth thinking about or not, first my idea doesnt have spacetime in the begining so remove that from your point of view during reading , later will be explained .

 It starts with super densed energy bosons that are moving on top of each other and there is no free space between them, and they interact with each other and put more pressure on each other, but this state is not stable so they start separating in all dirction ( they influence each other's direction) and start the expanding of "the universe", now i use the same model of baloon's surface but for making it easier i draw a circle as the state of baloon which is the intitial stateand is inflated enough to have its spherical shape and the surface of the baloon still not stretched .

 now just follow the circle ( you can draw) that present an 1 dimensional presnetation of this baloon surface( which is a 2d presentation of 3d expansion of this energy) so the 1st circle start to expand by an plancks length in diameter so you can draw a new circle around this circle, but when energy is separated ( in quanta) there will be gaps or spaces which want to be filled again and gives an opposite force of expansion ( caused by quanta( i simpify energy particles by just calling them quanta) ) so on this 2nd circle there will be small points which present these gaps, and they are random on circumference of circle (or baloon surface) (you can call this energy of gaps in case of baloon's surface as its elasticity) , so on 3rd circle they will be moved, and the number of these gaps ( by addition of new gaps) on 3rd circle is increased, ( you can calculate the number of gaps in each expansion, as sum of all gaps in 2nd circle equals to area between 1st and 2nd circle) it shows the expansion by energy (which is random) which can filling the gaps that already created in 1st expansion and shift these gaps to be moved and also new gaps is created by expansion of energy, so if you just move through expansions, there will be an state which these gaps can also join each other and gaps are increased in size, in an specific state a certain gap in for example 122nd circle is not moved in the circumference of circle compare to 121st circle circumference in position, so if continues to be fixed in position in 123rd and 124th go on it means it is stabilized now one can ask what caused that? as i say these gaps want to be filled and makes energy to pass through them and you can call by pressure of energy effect in isolated system universe which can be called a pseudo gravity effect for energy.

 Then imagine a quanta of energy pass by an specific angle to this specific gap and because of this angle it doesnt have the power to free itself from it ( imagine this gap as combination of few more gaps joined together) and start to move around the gap but with speed of light so it covers the gap ( in 3d it will be a sphere which is surrounded by energy which can not free itslef from it unless another straight quanta hit the complex and annhilate the whole complex) so we consider this complex as stable enough to not be distort by other energy around it (bear with me please ...) so the expansion goes on and this next circles will have a fixed gap which is on top of the circles before it and it doesnt participate in expansion now, you can curve the circles to circle before them in this region of circumeference of circles to have continuous line which cause a an curve to expansion( not space but expansion of energy) in circles you bend the area around the gap for examlpe if the circle is a23rd to 122nd and again to 121st which it is originated in baloon surface it created a dimple which through expansion of baloon it will be more curved i call this a quanta sized wormhole which connect the circle presnetation of expansion to last states of expansion, because this energy is fiexed in place and moving in sphere in 3d which can repeat it self the rest of energies are interacting with each other and move in straight lines and just expanding the universe.

 Now because of this wormhle ablity to connect past states of expansion to the new ones i call them wormholes through time which has nothing to do with time travel just state of complex is fixed this wormholes also can interact with free energies and move around and also with  each other (if stable enough) because of direction of quanta of energies moving around them can have intertwined path ways with each other in case of two close wrmhole complex and join the circumfrences of the circles together and also they can completely join each other and create bigger wormhole complexes , with more increase in size and number of quanta moving around so this expansion continues and the circles get biger each time.
 From 121st circle i say we have time xcale in this specific regions of expanision and gravity consequently becuase even though they are isolated a space is created around the energy that isolated them and the effect of gravity can be observe on surface of baloon which now is distorted and is not sphere anymore but a surface which is streteched by expansion and also points  ( caused by wormhole complexes) of graivty and curve the expansion.
 So I think this combination of this complexes gives rise to mass and their lack of participating in expansion creating graivty because the movement of energy in this state which is curved and moves around same place is giving rise to time, so time and graivty and mass created by curvature of energy from its straight path , by this I mean speed of light is not slowed down but energy is curved and gravity is not caused by curvature of space time but curvature of energy which creates gap in between which creates a medium for energy to cruve more and dont particpate in expansion easily and extreme conditions give rise to wormholes which at first they have dar matter gravity effect but by increasing the number and comibining together will give rise to firste spearation of energy to strong force( wormohle complexgot bigger and interact with other wormholes to create nucleus of an atom) .

 now if this distortion increased highly on some region which is the function of free energy  expanding and wormholes that are not epanding presneted on peak points of surface of the baloon increase new gaps will be presented in space between which are small in size and are less concentrated dark matter respecitvely so dark energy is the free energies which still expanding and dark matters are this unconcentrated  small complexes which are present in regions around he supermassive objects,  and our visible matter (supermassive objects) presents in dimple regions, now some of you are now asking about our big bang , it is caused by a region of this ditorstion which the gravity caused by dark matter and our visible matter ( blackholes included ) are stronger than this dark energy surrounding them which caused the big quench (special ceunch) in that region which fills all the gaps in that region and only concentrated free energy present which can expand faster because space already is defined and rest of the distortion in areas that didnot quenched will expand the free energy which is concentrated in quench state and as fast as it quench will go back to a equilibrium state and now you can say space is expanding because the concentrated free energy is not expanding but the space beween them is expanding and this is a symmetrical state because if the special crunch was unsymmetrical in that region an unsymmetrical attraction from peripheral region of special crunch form regions which did not particpiate in the quenching will gives rise to special inflation which one of them can be  our inflation so it is an distorted inflation .
this spaces also discribe the wave characteristic of photons because if we are living in a diluted space ( energy) medium so energy passing through will be curve but also the gap around it will cause it to vibrate in its path, so the wave characteristic of energy is not an interaction of quanta of enregies on each other( like in case of water molecules) but a vibration of each photons because of empty space hey are passing, also the effect of entanglmnt can be observed because if the wormholes are the real sub units of mass so in close contact to each other from 2 different nucleus they can connect their origin of of empty space in past and entangle in past or connect to each other from past but my theory wont allow space wormhole travel, and even past entanglement is not same as raveling to taime but it is an state of energy and hole inside which preserve the energy movement in a circle or sphere in 3d shape and also the nature of empty space inside it(attraction force) also if these gaps exist they can exist in orbitals around an nucleus of an atom which ( the so called wormholes are actually extreme dimples in surface of baloon which i presented which wont have a symmetric surface ) cause alectron  ( I even propose that electron is one of small wormhole complexes probably one single photon around a infinitesmally  true vaccum) to jump into this spaces between its orbit and nucleus of atom and appears to be vanished and come back as it can be imagined from heisenberg uncertainty ...
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