How can dinosaur gait be demonstrated?

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How can dinosaur gait be demonstrated?
« on: 05/06/2014 13:30:01 »
Rachael B asked the Naked Scientists:
Is there a way to turn Mr Ansell's experiment with the kid about how fast dinosaurs run/walk into a kitchen science experiment? I would love to be able to use it for my classes. Also I took your punching balloon experiment and I use it now for teaching the Magnus Effect and Bernoulli's principle so thanks so much for that cheap, easy, and fun experiment. Keep up the good work! Thanks from the Yanks in the USA.


If you guys ever come over to the USA, I work at iFLY Hollywood an indoor skydiving facility where I teach the physics of flight as a field trip experience, and we would love to have you come by for a flight! Your show, and the kitchen science segments, actually helped get me the job there so many thanks to you all.

What do you think?
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