What would Earth be like if it orbited Saturn?

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What would Earth be like if it orbited Saturn?
« on: 05/06/2014 15:30:01 »
Ari Huttunen asked the Naked Scientists:
I saw a neat video on Youtube where the Moon was replaced by other planets of our solar system. The video showed how the sky on Earth would look like with planets like venus, Jupiter and Saturn orbiting Earth at the same distance as the moon. The gas giants were my favourite of course.

The video got me wondering what life on Earth would be like if we were on an orbit around a gas giant like Saturn. Let's imagine Saturn occupying Earth's orbit around the Sun and Earth orbiting Saturn at a lunar distance (384,400 km). Would Saturn go around the Sun in 365 days? What would happen to our days, months, seasons, years etc.? I dare not even imagine the tides, eclipses or Saturnlight at night.

I hope this stirs some conversation and I would love a comment from an astrobiologist :)

Yours sincerely

Ari Huttunen

What do you think?
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