Can corneal grafts treat acanthamoeba eye infections?

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Dee Cohen  asked the Naked Scientists:
I have a question regarding acanthamoeba. I live in Joburg and I was diagnosed (two months late after multiple misdiagnoses) with AK last year in April.

I spent 9 months trying all the treatments: hourly drops, 10  eye scrapes, 2 Gundersen flaps, I even flew to Moorfields to stock up on drops. Nothing worked, and I had my eye removed in November. I decided not to try a cornea transplant because I was concerned it would infect the new cornea (the amoeba were slightly too close to the sclera), however lately I have heard a lot about high success rates for this procedure in AK patients. I can't seem to find any stats on the success rate, and my doctor is understandably reluctant to discuss it.

Thank you, have a lovely day.


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