Where Does The Blood In A Bruise Go ?

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Where Does The Blood In A Bruise Go ?
« on: 12/06/2014 18:33:58 »
Dearest bruisologists,

As a sheepy I of course know sod all about bruises...after all..I'm a sheep innit ?

Look here's Tabatha Corpuscle exhibiting a fine tummy bruise:

Tabatha Displaying Her Bruise Just A few Seconds Ago:

Tabatha asked me where the blood in the bruise goes and I really want to impress her with an answer. I originally thought it was the Blood Fairy who comes and syphons it away ...but..just to make sure I thought I'd ask ewe lot....cos ewe is klevur !

so....Where Does The Blood In A Bruise Go ?

whajafink ?

hugs and shmishes

mwah mwah !!

Give Tabatha A Squeeze And She Will Ooze
Some Hemoglobin Juicyness From Her Bruise !

Men are the same as women, just inside out !