Will we ever be able to record our dreams?

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Will we ever be able to record our dreams?
« on: 13/06/2014 20:30:01 »
Helen Dreyer asked the Naked Scientists:
What "blocker" prevents the mindblowing creativity in dreams from speaking, understanding, writing unknown languages to new designs of all manner of things or making a "conscious" decision within the dream to replay the dream repeatedly in order to recall it and the variety, depth, scope and frequency from reaching the conscious mind in order to bring it to reality and being able to use it.  Hundreds of dreams are recalled given the right trigger.
I don't for one minute fall for the common belief that you dream what you have been thinking of I could NEVER in my conscious mind imagine such wonderful and exciting things.
Is there ever any chance of being able to record our dreams??
So look forward to your thoughts on my question/s.
Kind regards
Helen Dreyer

What do you think?
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