Have you heard about these major breakthroughs in psychology?

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any of you have heard about this crowdfunding project at Kickstarter.com, where this guy, Bruce McKean, reckons that he has worked out how the mind works through discovering…

I. how emotions construct and motivate every aspect of each motor, cognitive and perceptual behaviour,
2. how certain emotions cause us to understand the meaning of all stimuli to the self,
3. how emotions are organised or categorised (in 2 very different ways), accounting for over 300 emotions,
4. how and when they evolved and developed, and
5. much more, including a dramatically advanced understanding of facial expressions.   
These would be the greatest ever breakthroughs in psychology if they are true, as he claims they are. In fact, he even offers guarantees about them being true and says that this stuff will raise psychology to the edge of pure science. Check it out. The link below links directly to his project page, or rather Nebula Press’s project page, the business he has set up to publish this stuff. 

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Tell us what you think.

Sharon Tully

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