What's the best way to cool down after a run?

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What's the best way to cool down after a run?
« on: 26/06/2014 19:30:02 »
Adkin, Paul  asked the Naked Scientists:
I run to and from work. In the morning after the 4 mile run when I get to work I am very hot and sweaty especially this time of year.

My question is what is the best way for me to cool down in the 20 minutes I have before I have to be at my desk looking presentable.

At the moment my routine is to undress and get straight in to the shower with the temperature on cool and slowly reduce the temperature to as low as I can stand whilst washing. The result is that although I am clean I usually carry on sweating after the shower and have to rely on a desk fan to cool me down further when I get to my desk.

I have listened to many of your podcasts over the last couple of years and fine then very informative. I wonder if you can help me with my question.

What do you think?
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Re: What's the best way to cool down after a run?
« Reply #1 on: 27/06/2014 02:57:36 »
One option is to wear your "Birthday Suit" around the office for the first half hour after your shower, then go ahead and put on your normal business attire.  You are asking the question on TheNakedScientists after all.

I find that after a hot shower, I can be sweating.  I like your idea of a cold shower, in part to drop your core body temperature somewhat.  Perhaps you could even try a cooler shower. 

You might also consider drinking a glass or two of real ice water, or an iced drink.  Yes, I've heard people recommend not drinking a lot of ice water, but there just isn't any research indicating people dropping like flies after having a glass of ice water.  In fact, cold water may be absorbed by the system faster than warm water.  Anyway, perhaps a glass of ice water as soon as you finish the run, and another after the shower.

Use your own judgement.  If the ice water makes you uncomfortable or causes cramping, don't do it.  Otherwise, go ahead and have some.

I'm not a big fan of deodorants, but as you probably know, deodorants typically mask smells, while anti-antiperspirants are designed to help reduce perspiration.  So, perhaps judicious use of a true antiperspirant.