Would stem cells be able to restore damage caused by rhesus disease?

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Libby Pickworth asked the Naked Scientists:
I have damage to the optic nerve as a result of rhesus disease. I have read much in the news about the potential prospects of stem cell therapy, but recall from my as-level biology classes that nerve cells are specialized in certain respects, and therefore difficult to clone or regenerate. Is it worth placing my hopes on this kind of treatment?

No doubt you get these kind of messages all the time, but i just wanted to say your podcasts are superb. I love the witty, inquisitive and precise style of reporting, and I find myself wishing that I could hold these kinds of discussions in real life. My experiences at school taught me that i wasn't particularly gifted at science and therefore it wasn't a passion worth holding on to - these podcasts have helped to dispel this notion entirely.

What do you think?
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