How can you treat fistula?

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How can you treat fistula?
« on: 02/07/2014 02:30:01 »
Mike Preston asked the Naked Scientists:
Please can you advise me on fistulas seton stitches fistula plugs and why it seems to difficult to treat. Sept 2013 I was diagnosed with a peri anal abscess and  landed up in hospital and had a seton stitch inserted. Six months later the surgeon tried a fistula plug and after surgery said it would probably fall out which it did in about three days. I waited another month then back in for a seton to be fitted again. I saw the surgeon recently and said he would try the advanced flap surgery, in about two months time but was not very positive that it would work.

Could this be of my age or what factors are there that will increase my chances of it being successful. I have been wearing pads now for 9 months and my goodness does the discharge pong, so am looking to not have to use for ever. My mates tell me that babies are having heart surgery while still in the womb and my doctors cannot even sort out my bum.

I listen to you slot on Cape Talk/702 every Friday and your knowledge astounds me.

What do you think?
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