The Prophecy of the Great Seal of Detroit.

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The Prophecy of the Great Seal of Detroit.
« on: 03/07/2014 22:38:00 »
While personally, I am a very skeptical person myself, many people believe Detroit's future can be foretold in the Great Seal, designed after the great fire (1805).

Two female figures appear on the Great Seal. One woman (on the left) mourns the great fire and the city in ruins. Her Latin legend, also to the left of her, reads SPERAMVS MELIORA ("We Hope for Better Things"). But the figure to the right is more hopeful. As she comforts the left figure, her legend reads RESVRGET CINERIBVS ("It Shall Rise from the Ashes").

Many people thought of the seal, for example after the race riots in 1967. Will the Great Seal foretell the future once again? Only time will tell. What do the rest of you think?

BTW, I haven't quite mastered uploading pictures to these boards yet. But here are some links to the Great Seal of Detroit:

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Re: The Prophecy of the Great Seal of Detroit.
« Reply #2 on: 04/07/2014 18:41:19 »
Well, the Great Seal got it wrong this time, with Detroit being virtually detruit over the last few years. Serves them right for misspelling the French.

But one of two things can happen: either the city will become prosperous again, or it will disintegrate and be blown away as dust or concreted over and forgotten, along with its Great Seal. It certainly won't stay as it is, so either the prophecy will come true or nobody will remember it.

Inevitability is the hallmark of a good prophecy.
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