Where is the best place to put food in the microwave?

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Ed Woodworth asked the Naked Scientists:
I have had a question about using a microwave for heating different items. With the rotating platform would it be better to place the item you are heating right in the middle of the spin, or off to one side of the center so the object passes front to back and side to side in the path of the "waves"?

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What do you think?
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Re: Where is the best place to put food in the microwave?
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It is probably a bit less strenuous on the turn table to put the dish in the middle.

The whole microwave should get cooking, but it isn't always uniform.  If any part of the dish crosses the middle, then that part will get the same exposure, while other parts of the dish will get varying exposure.  But, I doubt it will make much difference.

The turn table in my microwave broke a while ago, and the rest of the microwave still seems to work just fine.