Will we have private highways in the future?

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Will we have private highways in the future?
« on: 10/07/2014 15:54:14 »
The handwriting is already on the wall towards completely automated roadways.  Towards Autobahns where the norm is the driverless car and driver driven vehicles banned on digitally controlled roads.  So will we have highway driving clubs that foster a network of private highways where people can enjoy driving their own vehicle?  The economics will favor self-driving cars. Insurance premiums will steer the consumer towards self-driving cars. Premiums for owner driven vehicles will rise precipitously over rates for autonomous vehicles. Already jurisdictions are implementing electronic enforcement of highways that ensure drivers adhere to a strict digital discipline. At the cusp of the total roadway conversion, variability that we once viewed as a right and as a protection against the vagaries of the environment will be enforced out of existence, then found to be a detriment to the safe functioning of our digitally controlled roadways. What's left for the driving enthusiast? 


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Re: Will we have private highways in the future?
« Reply #1 on: 10/07/2014 18:27:34 »
The driving enthusiast will still be able to drive the car, but will be overridden whenever he/she goes outside of acceptable limits. On relatively empty roads this will give him/her a lot of freedom to drive much as people do now. It will also allow people to drive without needing a licence, and indeed young children will be able to take the wheel, a red light coming on to show them whenever they're being overridden. It will be impossible for them to break the speed limit in most situations though. With software being able to drive the car though, providing an expert driver capable of racing at the highest level of the sport, the speed limits could be higher, though that would depend on cutting pollution and noise nuisance substantially, and would also need to take account of the risk of collisions with wildlife.