How can I find a job as a chemist?

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How can I find a job as a chemist?
« on: 21/07/2014 10:34:30 »
Ive graduated from a bachelor degree in chemistry from an ordinary university in Turkey in 2012. So i live in a city which has low chemical company portfolio.
But I can go another big cities which are higher chemical company profiles and job opportunities and so on.
And I did some job interviews on chemical companies that they are in polymer, water treatment station, pharmaceutical, mining and also painting. But nowhere called me after that. I did as best as I can in these interviews. Only i couldnt answer to questions about chemical structure and some chemical equipments.I think that doesnt matter. So , whats the wrong about me? Why they wont call me again? and to say "yes, we accept you". There are 2 years already passed from my graduation.
I am good at computer, science reading/writing, web design and intonality.Those are not related to chemical and chemistry , i know but I didnt spend much time on the university chemistry lab because of too many students were there and you couldnt use equipments as it should be like that.
So, what would you prefer to me?
Should i go for master degree in chem. or different field?
Or try to decide to find a job in different area than chemistry? But which area?
Also i am only looking for a job in Turkey. Because i dont have much money and visa to get outside of the country . Also i dont believe the foreign country's company's identify my chemistry degree as a low reputation uni in a low reputation country.
So what is the escape-way of being newbie in chemical area; nobody wants to hire me and nobody wants to give a job for non-experienced chemist, i know . But how can non-experienced chemist find a job?
I am studying chemical lab. instructions about company's chemical area before going to interviews.
I also research and read much more articles about chemistry on internet.
But unfortunately job market is very low for chemistry area.
If i could have been a civil engineer, i would have been find a job easily but with chemistry degree you cant...
I would like to do process chemistry career rather than other routine analysis jobs currently in chemistry field as I mentioned of this info.
But no process chemist nor chemist job that i cant find. I dont know why but I am seeking to educate myself how other chemists find jobs.
Now I do a carrying job(coolie)in a glassware storage , i am carrying chairs, tables, basins and other glassware plastics from storage to truck.
This job is not for my degree, but i do it for money.
So whats the interview success methods that you have already did before and accepted by boss? Tell me... - My Chemical Blog