Is it possible to sense bad emotions or memories in other people?

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Asma asked the Naked Scientists:
I am sure you can let me know better about what is going on with me because I am really confused about it , I feel things before they happen I can know if its bad or good but I cant know what it is exactly , I have like a bad feeling about someone and when I hear what exactly happened to the person no matter how bad or weird it was I am never shocked I feel like I knew it , the weirdest things that happens to me happens when I wake up , I usually have something in my mind when I wake up and in that exact day something happens to the thing I have in mind , I sometimes scare my self of the things I say I know and makes jokes about it with friends and then it actually happens ..this is weird and scary . Help me

What do you think?
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...  I feel things before they happen I can know if its bad or good but I cant know what it is exactly  ...
Self-fulfilling prophecyTexas sharpshooter fallacy could explain that, without any actual prognostication ...

You encounter good and bad things every day. If you wake up feeling-good and and 'predict' a non-specific good-thing will happen that day, when you encounter a good thing you feel that's the inexact good-thing you 'predicted', ( conveniently ignoring any bad things which you encounter) , and vice-versa when you wake up feeling bad. No actual prognostication.

When you can accurately predict the lottery numbers every week for a year then I'll believe you can foresee the future.
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