Would extra robotic fingers just get in the way?

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Would extra robotic fingers just get in the way?
« on: 24/07/2014 07:30:02 »
Paul Anderson asked the Naked Scientists:
I have just read the BBC article on the MIT developed (or developing robotic hands). I think the extra fingers would get in the way. It's okay if a person has lost his normal fingers.

What would be a use? They suggest stirring coffee, but that is a different movement of the arm, if you are trying to steer a car (and that would be a dangerous distraction), or if you were holding your iPad and trying to type an email at the same time. Men do not multi-task well, and I am a bit sceptical about the ability of women after having to fix up something in the computer.

If you are walking down the street in the rain, carrying a pile of boxes, it would make more sense to have an extra arm which was holding an umbrella, which had sensors detecting wind and rain with relation to the movement of the bearer, so that it could adjust the umbrella to compensate and not get blown inside-out, as well as offer some protection from the rain.

What do you think?
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