Language of material

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Language of material
« on: 31/07/2014 04:44:26 »
we know human beings have language.language is require to do work efficiently.
Animals also have language/special sound which has some meaning, we can say it is low level language.

do materials have language???

have you ever thought how material move from one area to another during embryo development ??
how materials move in coordinated way during embryo formation ????

All material movement/coordination is done by influence of genetic material, proteins and amino acids.

so we can say proteins have ability to give direction to other materials.
now we conclude that proteins are basic language of material.
right protein directed at right material can do wonders......



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Re: Language of material
« Reply #1 on: 31/07/2014 17:47:34 »
Transfer of information is not necessarily language.


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Re: Language of material
« Reply #2 on: 31/07/2014 18:56:10 »
It may be hard to draw a line between what is language and what isn't. If data is being exchanged, it looks as if it could be called a language, but is it really data or is it just a tool being passed from one place to another which enables something to happen that can't happen without it?

With human language it's possible to switch from one language to another or even to make up a completely new one, so the data can take any form we like and we can translate it to any other form we require. Animal languages may be unable to change in this way as all their items of vocabulary may be genetically programmed into them, but maybe that doesn't apply to all animal languages as some of them could be stored in a different way, being learned and passed on culturally like with human languages. Even so, it would still be language even if one specific language was programmed into all humans such that we were born already knowing it and it never changed. That would not be good, of course, as it could make it impossible for us to communicate new ideas, but in principle it could work. With chemicals in cells and being sent between cells, the system is fixed with no room for cultural differences, but is that any different in principle from an animal communicating using a fixed system which is pre-programmed into it? It's hard for me to judge though without having a specific example shown to me.