Questions on Nuclear Physics

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Questions on Nuclear Physics
« on: 03/08/2014 05:28:26 »
I've been thinking about and studying nuclear physics recently (since I haven't used it in many many years) and in the process I came to know two nuclear physicists at Stanford's Linear Accelerator Laboratory. They've agreed to help me when I get my website up and running. It's the front end of my tutoring and study business MassRehab is helping me set up. They'll be answering questions for the portion to be called Ask a Physicist or Frequently Asked Questions. I need some opinions and am hopeful everyone here will have something to contribute.

Essentially I'd like to know what questions that you'd either see them answer or have answers for in case future students or enthusiasts wish to know the answers to. For example; What happens when matter interacts with antimatter? would be a good example. Also Can mass be converted into energy? or What is energy? or What is a neutron bomb and how does it work? etc.

For now I'm only interested in Nuclear Physics because that's their field (although they are experts in other areas too). Thank you.

All input welcome.