Is the ionosphere a source of free energy?

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Is the ionosphere a source of free energy?
« on: 10/08/2014 05:52:42 »

It seems to me that the spectacular auroras display a massive show of electrical power every day. My question is can you tap into it?

I know that there is an abundance of electrical charge in the upper atmosphere.  The charge is made by the sun's charged particles hitting the earth.  The sun wont ever stop hitting us with charged particles for as long as it lives so the ionosphere wont ever go away any time soon because it's constantly getting replenished by the sun.

In other words the ionosphere is an inexhaustible source of renewable energy just waiting to be tapped into. But how do you harvest energy from it?

I suggest a simple device which could theoretically do the job, and the way it works is similar to a scientific technique used to induce lightning strikes known as "rocket Lightning"

Take a short look at this video of the way rocket lightning works so you can better understand my harvesting device.

It's actually very simple, just attach a conductive wire whichis connected to the ground to a rocket and shoot the rocket into a thunderstorm. the conductive wire acts like an extremely long lightning rod that gets so long that it goes into a storm cloud.  The charge in the cloud can then discharge into the wire because the wire is the path of least resistance to the ground. 

My Idea of harvesting the charge in the ionosphere is very similar But instead of using rockets I would use a very large "near space balloon"
the balloon would carry only a conductive wire far into the upper atmosphere and essentially cause the charge in the ionosphere to get grounded triggering an "ionospheric discharge" similar to the way rocket lightning triggers a discharge.

If you made a tesla coil on the bottom of the wire connected to the balloon then you could use the 50 mile long wire as a mega long antenna to slowly suck up charge from the ionosphere. It's as simple as that to tell the truth.

What do you think of my Theory?
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