The Sentinelese, sending an expedition to North Sentinel island.

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For those who do not know what the sentinelese are, you can check on google or visit this link :

So I got so fascinated about the Sentinelese, and there is so little information on the web about them that I want to launch an expedition myself to North Sentinel island. I mean, all these 300 years and no one really studied and explored this island thoroughly, or tried to tame the natives. I know that this tribe is hostile but I feel that explorers haven't done enough to try and tame them and to eventually learn about them. Besides, the island is very close to other modernized islands. I have a host of ideas of how to achieve exploration without being speared. But first I would like to listen to your ideas, and any additional information you may have about the sentinelese that isn't already on the web.