hair dye

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hair dye
« on: 04/09/2006 20:27:31 »
Hi, what happens if Hair dye is left on the hair to darken it naturally with out using hydrogen peroxide . whether dye bleaches(reduces) hair in the process of getting naturally oxidised ?


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Re: hair dye
« Reply #1 on: 13/09/2006 14:45:06 »
bleaching is an oxidation effect, the coloured molecules just tend to be the most suceptable to oxidation, so you tend to loose the colour before the material falls apart.

I think the reason you use hydrogen peroxide if you are dying dark hair is to make the hair lighter so your natural hair colour doesn't drown out the one you are trying to add. If your hair is blond to start with you don't need to .

If you left the dye on for a long time I guess it would make the hair a very dark version of whatever colour you are adding.