Why is Nikola Tesla's wireless transmission of energy not used?

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ISBN 913022-25-X  entitled  Experiments with Alternate currents of high potential and high frequency
first printed 1904 reprinted 1986

appendix --- Transmission of electric energy without wires

so the questions is why does it not work ie the Long Island Wardenclyffe project.

further reading Leland I anderson 1992  Sun Plublishing denver colorado------Nikola Tesla on his work with alternating currents and their application to wireless telegraphy, telephony and
 WHY NOT?????????? TRANSMISSION OF POWER or was he daft????????.... I smile!
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Re: Nikola Tesla alternating currents
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Tesla was a very innovative thinker.

Efficient near-field power transmission is quite possible - but it has a range similar to the size of the antenna. If the antenna has to be this big, you may as well run a wire, in most cases.

Far-field power transmission is possible if the transmitting antenna is many times the wavelength - this practically needs a laser or microwave transmitter. Both of these are far beyond the technology available to Tesla.

The inverse square law ultimately limits the range of free-space transmission.


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Re: Nikola Tesla alternating currents
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The big problem with broadcast wireless transmission of power is that it is essentially nondirectional and unselective. Any resonant circuit from a wedding ring to a wire fence is in principle capable of absorbing power whether you want it to or not.

A hundred years ago, when there was no significant use of electronics, Tesla's demonstrations were fun but scarcely practical. Nowadays they would be illegal and dangerous.   
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