Can your immune system fight cancer?

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Can your immune system fight cancer?
« on: 27/09/2016 18:18:29 »
Cancer is one of the world's biggest killers, and current treatments often have terrible side effects. So scientists have begun looking into ways to help the body's own defences fight back. When we have a bacterial or viral infection, our immune systems go into overdrive to tackle the invader and protect our bodies. It's also possible to harness this attack to combat cancer. At the British Science Festival, Ginny Smith talked to Louise and Vanessa, both PhD students at Birmingham University, to find out how...
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Re: Can your immune system fight cancer?
« Reply #1 on: 09/09/2014 07:48:27 »
Here's an important question: if we eradicate cancer and heart disease, where are we going to put all the demented people? And if we then eradicate Alzheimer's and pneumonia, will our children starve?

Never mind meteoric impact - perhaps the dinosaurs "healthied" themselves into extinction by evolving their immune systems!
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