Unity of Physics and Biology

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Unity of Physics and Biology
« on: 09/09/2014 03:54:58 »
Introduction to Unity of Physics and Biology, Inorganic Life Materials
Jinzhong Yan

Changsha Jiageer Machinary Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Pingtang Town, Changsha, Hunan Province 410208, China

Abstract: The unity between physics and biology refers to that the inorganic systems: the Solar System, galaxies and artificial
systems have the same structures and functions as the organisms. The development of science and technology is demonstrating the
intense unification trends of physics and biology and a holistic science and technology era is about to start. The physics and biology
unify on the basis of the four seasons’ law, which is the most important rule of the universe. Life is defined as the four seasons’
whole with the structure and process of four seasons. The organism is basically structured into a dual four-season body by
state-varying, state-stabilizing and control organizations. Animals, the Solar System and the earth are all the dual four-season bodies.
In the unity between physics and biology, the inorganic life materials and inorganic life body can be manufactured artificially.
Key words: Physics, biology, unity, inorganic life materials.

From Journal of Physical Science and Application 3 (1) (2013) 58-64