Six Forces in the Universe Unified into Four-Seasoní Whole

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Automatic Organization, Thinking Motion and Dynamics of the Universe
Jinzhong Yan

Changsha Jiageer Machinary Manufacture Co., Ltd., Pingtang Town, Changsha City 410208, Hunan Province, China

Abstract: There are many automatic organization phenomena and automatic organization unities in the universe. The automatic
organization whole refers to a life body with the thinking. The thinking is the core of automatic organization. The thinking is at
eternal restless motion and binds to substances. The universe, organism and society are the automatic organization unities or life
systems with the thinking. The thinking can perceive, attract, drive, organize and control all individuals and it is a force of life
structure or universal gravitation and universal repulsion. The thinking has a life structure, a template and dynamic of entity-lifeís
automatic organization. Life body has five dynamic systems: the thinking motion and information flow, breathing motion,
closed-loop current (particle flow) and energy flow, interaction among state-varying, state-stabilizing and control organizations and
active & automatic chemical-physical reactions, cardiac pulsation and active motion and transportation. Human, galaxies and society
can change from low to high energy state initiatively. This is realized by controlling the desires of life entity via the thinking and
breathing motions and by altering the bodyís binding forces dominating the life entity (in turn, by bond force, strong interaction and
quark confinement). All forces in the universe present in the universe of life: force of the thinking-universal gravitation and universal
repulsion, electromagnetic interaction, bond force, strong interaction, quark confinement and weak interaction. Under the automatic
organization of the thinking, these forces bind into a 4-seasoní whole. The united state of these forces is controlled by the thinking
and breathing motion, which is capable of changing from 3-, 2- and 1-dimensional states to a 0-dimensional state.

Key words: Universe, automatic organization, thinking motion, dynamics.

From Journal of Physical Science and Application 3 (3) (2013) 199-208