The First Push of the Universe and Origin of Life

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The First Push of the Universe and Origin of Life
Jinzhong Yan

Changsha Jiageer Machinary Manufacture Co., Ltd., Pingtang Town, Changsha City 410208, Hunan Province, China

Abstract: Everything in the universe occurs spontaneously. The first push of the universe signifies the capabilities of the universe in
automatic movement, automatic reaction and change, automatic generation and development, automatic cognition and thinking,
automatic organization, autonomous behavior and automatic control. Diverse substances, objects, thinking and life entities in the
universe are all at automatic movement and change. There are 4 automatic reactions within the physical system: chemical reaction,
nuclear fusion reactions, quark confinement reaction and weak interaction. Correspondingly, there are 4 similar reactions in organisms.
The life entities include the life universe, organisms, human being, societies and artifacts. The automatic dynamic system exists within
the life entities which has automatic cognition and thinking abilities. 4-season movement of life happens automatically. The automatic
control of life movement includes 4-season control and thinking control whilst the later is an active type. The life universe forms under
the automatic organization of the universe thinking. The social life entities are an active control system of thinking. The society has 5
automatic dynamic systems. The society is a life entity that automatically generates under the control and organization of thinking. The
artifacts and the future artificial life are formed under the automatic organization and fabrication of human beings under the control of
thinking. The earth is a life entity capable of making various biological molecules and 4-season mechanisms of organisms. The
organism is created gradually during 4-season movement of earth and solar system.

Key words: The universe, first push, life, origin.

From Journal of Physical Science and Application 4 (3) (2014) 198-205