Should you be able to email your GP?

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Should you be able to email your GP?
« on: 09/09/2014 17:13:35 »
How would you like to email your GP, a good idea or bad idea?
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Re: Should you be able to email your GP?
« Reply #1 on: 09/09/2014 18:28:04 »
I'm not quite sure how the health services function in Canada and the UK. 

Here in the USA, we still have doctors with private practices, and private insurance. 

Reading, understanding, and processing 100+ e-mails a day could be a huge drag on the system, and there would be a desire to bill someone for the time involved.

At one time, there was a movement towards "Health maintenance Organizations", where hospitals and clinics would be essentially paid a fixed amount per patient regardless of how much they actually used the system.  Then the idea was they would be better off investing in preventative care.

Anyway, for health maintenance, one might imagine a multi-tiered e-mail system in which some e-mails would be handled by nursing staff, and others would be referred for comment by the doctor (perhaps with the use of a secretary to do much of the typing and padding).