Can you catch Ebola from touching objects?

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Can you catch Ebola from touching objects?
« on: 10/09/2014 05:30:02 »
Nicola Slater  asked the Naked Scientists:
My question to you is about Ebola please. My husband frequently travels from Johannesburg to Lagos in Nigeria for work and since the Ebola outbreak hit Nigeria he has become pretty concerned about air travel. Can you please tell me..........if a person infected with Ebola travels on an aeroplane and then you are the next person to sit in their sit on the same aircraft for the next flight can you catch Ebola from the seat, the tv screen, the drop down table, the toilet door handle, the taps in the plane loo etc etc?

In other words, can the virus live on "items/furniture" once the person infected has touched them and left sweat behind and if so for how long does the virus remain "live" please?

My husband was actually in Lagos airport the day after the first gentlemen infected with the disease arrived there and collapsed and later died. Just how dangerous is it for him to travel there in the future and use public toilets, touch door handles etc etc?

He now travels with hand sanitizer and has improved his hand-washing skills but is that enough or is he still at risk of catching Ebola?

I would be most grateful to hear your answers and any advice you can give us for how we can keep safe when travelling in Africa please.

Many thanks and keep up the good work, I do love to hear an English voice on the radio every Friday it reminds me of home!

With very kind regards,
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