Remembering and Pondering 35 Years of AIDS.

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Remembering and Pondering 35 Years of AIDS.
« on: 11/09/2014 09:01:31 »
It has only been 35 years of AIDS being known, famed and feared. It has been and eventful time in history with social change, technology, communications, charity concerts...

I was just helping my grand parents empty the garage to move to the retirment village, and came across a house hardware advert magazine from 1974. Five couples moving into new homes featuring Hardie's products. I admired the beauty and styles of those people, and saw a little girl from the same world, old world I was in a boy in. It appealed to my nostalgia. I recall my school friends's mums and that generation being the children of the WW2 victors. I admire their courage and values and sometimes good looks, a past blossoming that is no more. But while they wore the same fashions and had family values, some of them took greatly to the pill, and were open to opportunities. Now that they could control birth.

But just as the Disco was booming, with it's one night stands, a new and powerful threat gained a foothold and fame, being AIDS. Did it curb change and re-inforce family values? Did it only create an altered method of doing one night stands? Did it change the gene pool by the many victims of the disease like Freddy Mercury? Does it create a cultural change towards much more careful sex? Did it cause some people to not change or go back to older family values? What effect has AIDS had in it's 35 years of fame and infections?
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