Is it dangerous to be in a room with lead shielding?

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Anna DiDonato asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi. I'm a massage therapist looking to rent a space that was previously used as an X-ray room. Are there any health hazards from working in this room which still has the lead shielding? Is the lead toxic and/or does it emit radiation from previous X-rays? Having had thyroid cancer, I'm concerned.  

Thank you. Anna
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Re: Is it dangerous to be in a room with lead shielding?
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As long as the lead is covered with paint, plastic, wallpaper or plasterboard, there is no likelihood of anyone ingesting it: quite simply, if you can't see it (or more to the point, if you can't scrape it off, dissolve the dust in acetic acid, and sprinkle it on into your food) , it won't harm you.

Lead does not store or re-emit x-raidation. When the x-ray machine is off, it's off. 
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