What is the geology of Mars' Gale Crater and Mount Sharp?

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I am an amateur scientist with a lifelong interest in Mars, and I recently finished my essay, "An Interpretation of the Geology of Gale Crater and Mount Sharp, with Implications for the History and Habitability of Mars," wherein I present a new hypothesis
for the geology of the complex ("artesian hydrant"), and (re)introduce a lacustrine model (lake-bed sedimentation) for the strata comprising the Lower Formation of Mt. Sharp, which is something that has recently fallen out of favor (the aeolian or "SWEET"
model is in vogue, but I find numerous faults with that model, and believe I have addressed all criticisms of the lacustrine model). I also argue for a near-surface aquifer and geologically-recent groundwater outflow in the complex, and the big test of my model
will be when Curiosity reaches the base of Mt. Sharp in late 2014 or early 2015.  In spite of my amateur status I'm hoping to gain some recognition in the scientific community if my hypotheses are confirmed, and my essay can be seen at:

newbielink:http://galecratergeology1.tumblr.com/post/85407991682/an-interpretation-of-the-geology-of-gale-crater-mount [nonactive]
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