Can you make a power shower with induction heating?

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David Gregory Kerr asked the Naked Scientists:
Would it be possible to replace the conventional heating element of a power shower with a coil of narrow bore copper pipe wound around a steel mandrel which is encased inside the stell cylinder which the mandrel fits inside of former made from varnished cardboard wrapped with 1,000 turns of enameled copper wire which connects to a high frequency bridge circuit which is driven by a 250KHZ veriable frequency oscillator which would allow the unit to run on just 5 watts of power at 250 volts which can be got from a three pin plug.
What do you think?
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Re: Can you make a power shower with induction heating?
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Yes, but if it only takes 5 watts of electrical power it will only deliver 5 watts of heat (minus all the inefficiencies of the inverter). If you want to wash with flowing water at 2 liters/minute you need about 3,000 watts to raise the incoming water (at say 20 deg C) to 40 degrees. The best way to achieve that is with an immersed resistive heater, which is about 99% efficient at coverting electrical energy into useful heat (you lose about 1% heating the incoming wires) - i.e. an ordinary power shower.

Best of all, immerse yourself in a well insulated bath (say a styrofoam coffin)  with a tiny amount of water, and wait until the 200 watts of your body heat has raised the water temperature to about 30 degrees, then apply soap. No electrical power, minimal waste water - the ultimate ecobath!
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