What is your view on weak experiments, and how would you prove it to yourself?

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The reason I'm wondering is because I'm of two minds, again. It would be nice if one could define it such as it works, or works not. But, the more I wonder about it the more it seems to connect to how you view physics. As for example the Copenhagen definition. And it should be important. Maybe one can't decide it, but it would be nice to see the arguments for both views as clearly presented as possible.

The only way I can see it work, is if you can guarantee that there is no communication of any kind between what you want to know about, and what you measure on. But then we have the problem of defining that 'system', because when you measure you should need boundaries, defining a 'system'. Even though you don't measure directly, you then can be said to have disturbed this 'system' you use. So there seems several ways, and pitfalls, defining it. So? From which view would one define it as my measurement should have no impact, on those variables (stuff) I do not want to disturb?

Experiment in Physics.
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