what is the co2 consumption rate of plant biomass on earth by weight?

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I am trying to figure out how much CO2 is being consumed right now on earth by all plant life. I calculate the total biomass of plants at 504 billion tonnes on earth. I am wondering how much CO2 all of this consumes per year preferably in the same rate generally used to measure total world carbon production.

This question is being asked to make an argument for protection and creation of plant biomass as the chief means of combating climate change, increase global O2 levels and perhaps create additional resources by genetically created colonies of bacteria, gungi /algae etc.

What I might be looking for more would be more simplified would be a calculation of CO2 Deficit, how much Co2 is being added vs how much is being taken away(by all CO2 consumers like plants algae etc.) per year.

would appreciate any contribution. Thank you.