Big rock needs identifying

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Big rock needs identifying
« on: 28/09/2014 02:56:03 »
Hi, found this rock in the forest in Saskatchewan, Canada. It looked interesting so i brought it home. that was 20 years ago. it is 42 pounds and seems to be mostly crystal with black spots that seem to be melted rock. it is porous and very hard.

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Re: Big rock needs identifying
« Reply #1 on: 11/10/2014 20:59:45 »
Hi Hotwheel, the first paragraph of my response to Arulamudhu certainly applies to your specimen/thread.

Fascinating looking rock, and great pics.  Iím afraid Iím not going to be able to tell you what your specimen is, but if you could provide some more information it might lure an expert into the thread.

Hardness is always an important factor; as I said to Arulamudhu, it would valuable to familiarise yourself with Mohís scale, if you have not already done that.  Then try hardness testing in several distinct places.  For example, in 079, below and to the left of the blade of grass, is a whitish patch that looks very much like quarts, but would need to be tested for hardness before starting to look for anything else.  Moving just a little left and down from the grass is a blackish patch which almost has a botryoidal look to it.  If you can scratch that, it would be valuable to know, not only the hardness, but also the colour of the streak.

The veins are worthy of note, and seem to fall into two types.  Photo 079 shows good examples of narrow veins of dark material cutting through lighter.  This is reminiscent of the intrusion of a secondary mineral into pre-existing cracks.  Further to the left from the grass, just beyond the blackish patch, is a vein which runs through the light mineral, but does not extend beyond it.  It is interesting to speculate as to how a crack could run through one mineral, yet show no sign of going beyond it, unless there has been some re-sorting of the material. 

Photo 081 shows a broader vein of light material cutting darker.  This looks like a quartz vein, but would need more information for an identification.  There are flecks of darker material in this vein, and its penetration into the rock, perpendicular to its long axis, does not seem very great.

There are other interesting features, but I have waffled for long enough.  Letís hope someone who knows something will take over.       
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Re: Big rock needs identifying
« Reply #2 on: 13/10/2014 04:04:07 »
Your rock superficially resembles a piece of eudialyte I have, that comes from the Kipawa Complex in Quebec. However, on close inspection of your pictures, there are some differences that throw into doubt their equivalence, specifically, my rock has a pinker color in the pinkish areas, and also a more crystalline appearance.