what do I need for a microbiological testing lab?

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Hi there.
As part of my scientific topics module I have been given a project to design a wiki for a micro testing laboratory for a biopharmaceutical company and Im wondering where to start? Im going to paste the assignment below and any one with any advice would be doing me a great favor. I have tried to look online but I keep getting sites selling laboratory equipment and as I'm not sure what equipment I would need for this type of micro lab I don't want to go adding things that wont be used. Thanks in advance!

1.   You have been asked to design a Microbiology testing laboratory for a Biopharmaceutical Company involved in the manufacture of excipients for biopharmaceutical therapeutic products. You will design a wiki to illustrate (using current regulatory guidelines) the important features that the laboratory will encompass, the rationale behind your design and the equipment and materials that will be required in the laboratory to permit personnel to test for microbial contamination of products, personnel and the working environment. Your wiki will incorporate descriptions of the different test types that might be carried out in this laboratory.