Who was the person who use this diagram to show the curvature spacetime ???

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    I know that Einstein General relativity show the  space time curvature caused by the matter. But  I never see Einstein refer the space time curvature by use this diagram ( the trampolin and bowling )diagram. In many of his paper in GR I see  he refer the space time curvature by the variation of the coordinate system like in his book for normal people newbielink:http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Relativity:_The_Special_and_General_Theory/Part_II [nonactive]  He used the variation of the coordinate to explained his idea. Does this diagram was first used by the contemporary physics because I never see that Einstein used this diagram.


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It's a simplification from the idea of the vacuum as a rubber-mat, 'gravity' acting on it. Don't know who used it first.
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I don't know but those diagrams don't show the curvature of spacetime. They illustrate the nature of space. That's an embedding diagram and they're misused all too often. They are notoriously misleading. Please see this article for a full explanation.