Will a New Simple Pristine Particle end the current multi-particle types debate

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The Resonance Principle ?

Although my ID says Zarathustra, I am artist Marc Rubin who has had the pleasure to have my artworks collected by a healthy number of physicists over the past 40 years. They have educated me. In 2010 I put deductive logic to work and checked intermittently with a few of them to understand how and what was blocking a unification of particle physics principles. I expressed my deductive logic that it seemed obvious that a single particle that contains energy exists in a spectrum of particles with varied energy quantities initially based on Einstein's flip from light as a wave to light as a particle. Four years later I have created my paper in the form of an animated book split into 5 parts currently. Oh yes, the movies are enjoyable to watch and do not yet include complex data or complex equations. It is quite enough to lend understanding of a new mind set.

I want to stimulate discussion. Is this principle a Copernican moment?
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I am a trained artist. I used to draw, paint and design things before moving into computing. I still use design on web sites. You need clear mathematical thinking before you can decide what makes up the universe. Logic will help you, as will creativity but it doesn't replace mathematics. There is a lot to cram in, I know as I am constantly cramming various formulas and laws into my head. I am still learning and unsure about an awful lot. Good luck with your endeavors.