Why gravity of earth is all attraction toward earth, no repulsion (corrected)

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Quote from: jeffreyH
OK then present the mathematics that supports your point of view. My guess is you can't because you have not even studied electromagnetism. I am willing to be corrected. So there is your challenge. If you can't then your thread is not worth the waste of time in reading it. Simply saying a magnet attracts at both poles is not enough.
Exactly my good man! :) I've told him this countless times in countless ways. I've read it many times and it's, at best, a terrible "word salad." Nothing but meaningless jargon with a few science words tossed in for seasoning. I've pleaded with him to study electromagnetism to learn the subject so that he himself could see his own mistakes but he refuses. It's quite clear that he never learned the subject himself other than the most trivial of basics. Something one would learn in the 6th grade.

If he knew what he was doing then he'd know that a magnet only appears as dipoles (i.e. bar magnets) and the magnetic field of dipoles varies as 1/r[sup3[/sup] and does not have a spherical symmetry whereas gravity varies as 1/r[sup3[/sup] and does have a spherical symmetry.
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Why gravity of earth is all attraction toward earth, no repulsion (Expanded)

What was supposed to be one of the most simple questions in physics turns out to be the greatest unsolved  mystery in physics: what is gravity, why is gravity  all attraction, no repulsion?  Why is gravity of earth all attraction toward earth? According to Eminent Scientist, Isaac Newton, gravity is “attraction”. But the great man stopped there,  cannot or did not elaborate why an apple fell on his laps, why everything on earth falls back to earth but  he saw correctly that the  same force that makes an apple fall on his lap is the same force that makes the earth revolves around the sun. The great man simply calls it, “ATTRACTION”. Another great man, Eminent Scientist, Dr. Albert Einstein, on the other hand, saw gravity as the property of space, a non-force  curvature of space,  called spacetime,  such curvature created by suspended large bodies in space and can be dragged.

Have you ever wondered  how the galaxies, stars, planets  came into being and solidified?  Why is gravity of earth all attraction toward earth, no repulsion? Before answering these questions, know by heart that there exists the unwritten law of opposite, with positive attribute and negative attribute that is inherent, built-in, in the emanation of the universe, that cannot be lost nor destroyed in billions centigrade nor billion of years, that  is operating up to now.  This universe was constructed with the unlike-bind attribute winning over the like-repulse attribute, otherwise, this visible universe would not have existed. Without such binding, call it attraction, there would have been no formation and solidification of matters in the universe. Observe: all galaxies, stars, planets all have north pole and south pole, plants, human beings, man, woman, atom, quarks, have, each, built- in positive - negative property that binds. Earth is entirely composed  of atoms which have, each, undeniable positive to negative binding property.  There is no such thing as monopole: all positive, all negative. Proton, neutron, electron have positive and negative. At the heart of atom are proton and neutron, and in the heart of proton and neutron are  still smaller substance, called quarks which consist of UP-DOWN, TOP-BOTTOM, etc. implicating contrast: positive and negative.  It is most likely that gluon is part of quarks binding series of quarks positive and negative,  creating strong binding  force, takes enormous force to separate one quark from aligned quarks    Electron is all negative? Without dual electrical lines of positive and negative on which electrons is transmitted,  no complete positive-negative electro-magnetic light is possible .  That is why an electric motor can be made to rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. Neutrinos? has mass, has positive and negative.  Dark energy and dark matter could have been the predecessors of the constructed unlike-bind universe.  The unlike-bind construction of  earth  can be observed from the  behaviors of magnets which has inherent positive and negative attributes of the law of opposite as follows:

Why gravity of earth is all attraction toward earth, no repulsion! (expanded)

The behaviors of the inherent law of opposite as unraveled  inherent in bar magnet are many: A bar magnet is divided equally between positive side and negative side. Here is a revelation: Both positive side and negative side have unlike-bind behaviors and like-repulse behaviors.  Meaning, the unlike-bind behavior is not only on positive side (positive to negative binding), it is too on negative side (negative to positive binding) of bar magnet! And the like-repulse behavior  is not only on the negative side (negative to negative repulse) of bar magnet: it is on  positive  side ( positive to positive repulse)  of the bar magnet! Cut and cut into tiny pieces a bar magnet, and observe, each cut piece has equal positive and negative!! Meaning, positive and negative are not fixed, it is directional: swing/flips to one side and  becomes positive, swing/flips to opposite side and  becomes negative. Uncannily the  flip is similar to the flip of the polarity of earth .  That positive and negative can be flipped implicates that positive and negative are ambivalent, are one! No wonder an electric motor can be made to rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. Throw the  tiny cut pieces of magnet together in piece of curl paper, and the positive of one  cut bar binds negative another bar cut etc., and  of one cut bar  negative side to  negative side of another cut bar, there is repulsion, but curl further paper inwardly,  until positive meets negative and there is binding. Enlightened with the knowledge of  these ambivalent behaviors of positive and negative attributes of the bar magnet, in full compliance with  the inherent  law of opposite, here is the deeper revelation, unbelievably overlooked and taken for granted, but very, very significant revelation, in  here is the clue why gravity is all attraction, no repulsion:  Perform this experiment with a bar magnet which has overpowering positive and negative property and a metal sheet which has no visible positive and negative property. Hold  the positive side of bar  magnet  to  contact the metal sheet and the positive side of the magnet sucks, binds the metal.  Now hold the bar magnet to contact its  negative side  to  the metal and the metal is sucked, too!!! Why? The overpowering positive attribute of the positive side of bar magnet causes the unseen weak negative attribute of the metal to FLIP, to face and be sucked by the overpowering positive side of bar magnet !!. In like manner, the overpowering negative attribute in the negative side of bar magnet  causes the  unseen weak  positive attribute of weaker metal to FLIP, to face and  be sucked by the stronger negative attribute of bar magnet!! (NOTE THAT THAT SUCH FLIP IS THE SAME AS THE FLIP OF EARTH’S POLARITY . FURTHER, NOTE THAT AS OBSERVED, UNLIKE-BIND ATTRIBUTE IS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BAR MAGNET.). Why does the positive side or negative side of the bar  binds the same metal sheet? Evidently, the  stronger positive side of bar magnet overpowers  and binds the weak negative attribute (positive attribute also equally  weak) of  the metal sheet to flip, NOT the positive attribute of metal sheet to flip and bind the positive attribute of the bar magnet, otherwise, there is repulsion!!. In like manner, the negative side of bar magnet binds the flipped positive attribute of metal sheet, NOT negative to negative contact which is repulsion. What causes the flip? If the bar magnet is elongated, there is strong force at both ends, while closer or shorter at the middle, the unlike-bind attribute  becomes weaker, can easily flip as the positive and negative are closely fused into one,.. such, is the behavior of metal sheet, closer to the middle, or of shorter length, can easily flip (swing to the right, it is positive, swing to left, it becomes negative but same one substance of the Opposite law).. Now,  the size of  earth (itself, trillions times weaker than a magnet), from its interior to surface,  is enormously  lengthier compared to the short length unlike-bind attribute of all object, animate, or inanimate, on surface of earth, thus, the accumulated lengthier  unlike bind attribute of earth is equally overpowering than the shorter length attribute of all matters on top of earth.. (Remember, this universe was constructed with the unlike-bind WINNING over the like repulse of the inherent law of the universe).. Here is what happen: in northern hemisphere,  the  overpowering  positive binding attribute of the northern hemisphere  causes the overpowered diminutive  short-length negative/positive  attributes of all objects, animate or inanimate on surface of earth, including atmosphere and extended field at outer space, to change direction, to FLIP to negative,  and bind   said overpowering positive binding attribute of northern hemisphere, the direction of the binding  toward the center of earth.(reiterating, whyen earth’s polarity flips, it simply change direction!!)  Correspondingly, in southern hemisphere, the overpowering southern hemisphere’s negative  attribute causes  the  weak positive/negative attributes of all stated supra diminutive objects, atmosphere, etc. in said southern hemisphere, to change direction  to FLIP. to positive, to face, and be sucked by  the overwhelming  negative of southern hemisphere, direction of all sucking toward center of earth.  .. THAT IS THE REASON WHY GRAVITY OF EARTH IS ALL ATTRACTION TOWARD EARTH, NO REPULSION !!! on either on northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere!!! In outer space, the same behavior is laid down: the overpowering greater ambivalent positive/negative attribute  of  suspended large bodies in outer space will cause  the overpowered weaker  ambivalent weak positive/negative attribute of  smaller bodies to change direction to FLIP to unlike-bind attribute and bind the stated greater stronger unlike bind attribute  of bigger bodies. Earth, for instance, has unlike-bind attribute six times greater than that of the captured rotating moon(that billions of tons of sea water on earth is lifted every time the moon is overhead is the absolute proof that whatever is that which performs that act of lifting is due to unlike-bind attribute of greater earth and lesser moon., , NOT binding like-repulse property. Here is more revelation: the sun’s polarity flips frequently lesser than a month each flip, and yet it has no adverse affect on the planets it binds! Proves that the directional flipping is always unlike-bind, never like-repulse. Why weights of objects are the same either in northern and southern hemisphere? because earth, like bar magnet, automatically divides itself, to equal northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.. Thus, expanding,  a galaxy holds 100 billion stars and much more, has  mass by trillion times greater  than  the diminutive stars, thus, its gigantic ambivalent unlike-bind attribute,  call it gravity, is  simply too good, overwhelmingly causes  the equally ambivalent diminutive stars to change direction to FLIP and bind with the unlike-bind attribute of the galaxy or at times, vice versa.. Earth is rotating, orbiting, the whole earth becomes conductive, capacitive,  that everything on surface, including atmosphere, and extension gravity on outer space,  are being attracted downward toward center of earth,.. like  the conductive, capacitive of IPad that a weak electro-magnetic finger touch on screen of IPad  is sucked by the operative unlike-bind property by the stronger electro-magnetic capacitive of  IPad.  The gravity of earth is a half percent greater in the poles than in the equator points the  indomitable but flexible, equal  dividing line between north pole  and south pole.  Gravity of earth is, itself, unearthly a trillion times weaker than a positive-negative concentrate magnet that can lift a nail  but in outer space, the conjoint entire gravity of earth and the moon, as one whole lump sum, is galvanized, becomes a gargantuan unison force that lifts billion of tons of sea water on earth every time the moon is overhead…that the tide is lifted on earth every time the moon is overhead is, reiterating, the strongest visible evidence  that such lifting is a created physical force of the bind between the earth and moon: call it  gravitational attraction. 

The unified field theory:

The unlike-bind attributes of the opposite law has many manifestations: as it manifests on surface of earth and outer space, it is called gravity, as it manifests in electricity, it is called electromagnetism, as it manifests on quarks, it is called strong force, weak electrical force. This is the unification of four fundamental forces of the universe.

 The relationship  of spacetime,  gravity, and light:

There are only three phenomena that occupy completely all of outer space: Spacetime,  gravity, and light. All have electro-magnetic property of the law of opposite. Spacetime is real. Centuries earlier, it was conceived that ether was luminiferous, but no luminiferous ether found. But a 186,000 miles length of electro-magnetic light  impressed per second on surface of earth becomes luminiferous . The Michelson-Morley experiment on interferometer, found that light is constant anywhere it is directed at 186,000 miles/sec, shows how spacetime is tense and frictionless. Spacetime is, itself with positive and negative attribute as one, is the stationary skein that  occupies all of outer space and intersects completely all matter, without which,  electro-magnetic light and gravity would have no medium in which to travel at 186,000 miles per second, neither would  radio, TV,  IPAD,  internet be transmitted..

Jose S. Aldea
October 11-December 2, 2014

2nd Revision Philippine Copyright 2014
By: Jose S. Aldea

With Philippine Copyrights 2004, 2007-10, 2014


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Dear bingbisnar19,

You posted the original version of this thread in this forum as well. It was moved to the New Theories forum because the subject matter is a considered to be a "New Theory". Since this new version is also a new theory it shouldn't have been posted here either. You should have known that from the fact that your last thread on this subject was moved to a new forum. Please keep this in mind for the next time so that we need not bother the moderators when not necessary. Thank you.

ps - This version has all the same problems as the last one and is wrong for the same reasons.


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Everything does exist at the same time under present-dynamism only.  The projectile movement of time as often experienced by our mind consciousness is purely due to relativity as well as the varying vibrational frequencies in play.  As a result, we tend to perceive things a little bit linearly, thus creating the delusion of past, present and future movement of time.  The conventional time that we involve ourselves with every day is a subjective and a relative time.  This means the time orientation is dependent on the observer (i.e. the subject’s mind) to provide the valuation on the other side of the object or matter.  As a consequence, the time conclusion varies among different observers or minds.   

In fact, Albert Einstein has given out an interpretation of spacetime that is actually the endless evolving frequency cum becoming process in Mother Nature.  We could liken the frequency to space and the becoming process to time because time is actually a dimension (indicator) for the becoming process and space is merely an expression for energy in play as per frequency (i.e. the number of occurrences or observations within a given time period or statistical category).

Present-dynamism  =  frequency x becoming (space x time)

Once again, time would always arise at the present state of condition.  There is no backward or forward movement of time but just a regenerating of occurrences all the time at a common pace of spacetime or present-dynamism.  This means in the twinkling of an eye, all events or phenomena as observed by our mind consciousness would fluctuate and renew simultaneously and continuously.  Just like the gravity effects on earth for all different masses are the same (acceleration value, g = 9.80 m/s2) even though the rock strikes the ground before the feather per se.  However, the common pace of spacetime or present-dynamism is unconjecturable and it is mainly due to its nature of beginning-less and end-less. 

For example, despite the vast differences in the cultural development, the time zone and the locality, a Bushman in Africa and a modern businessman in America are both living concurrently in the 21st century under a common pace of spacetime or present-dynamism.  Literally, we could not discriminate or differentiate them by saying that the Bushman is from the past time and the modern businessman is a person living in the future time.  The distinguishing factor among them and their respective surroundings is merely their variable vibrational frequencies. 

In fact, the circumstances of duality or multiplicity as observed by our mind consciousness would be an obvious indication of all fluctuating vibrational frequencies arising in the cosmos.  This is because everything in the material Universe is made up of energy.  Atoms and molecules are made up of energy.  Our bodies, our clothes, our cars, our houses are all made up of energy but what makes them different is their vibration.  Energy is always vibrating at a different frequency under the influence of conditional phenomena.  Everything has its own vibrational frequency – our thoughts, our feelings, the rock, the table, the car, the animal, the plant, the tree, etc.  Even colours are merely expressions of certain vibrational frequencies. 

In addition, the fluctuating vibrational frequencies amongst different subjects and matters would bring about variances in terms of the relative timeline.  Under the common pace of spacetime or present-dynamism, a higher vibrational frequency would yield a slower becoming process and vice versa. 

Present-dynamism (constant)  =  frequency (space) ↑ x becoming (time) ↓

The principle-in-effect: -

When the vibrational frequency accelerating, the becoming process decelerates,
When the vibrational frequency decelerating, the becoming process accelerates.

By nature, everything is a matrix of everything.  If we were to examine into nature intently, our mind would discover that everything is interconnected and balanced under the universal laws of conservation.  Basically, all the workings of the universal scientific laws and equations would fall within the principle of absence, balance and constant.  For instance,

E = mc2 or E - mc2 = 0 or mc2 - E = 0
A = B or A - B = 0 or B - A = 0

The circumstances of duality or multiplicity in all things would always exist in the dependent nature.  Conventionally, there is a beginning and an ending of all things or matters i.e. when there is a rising, there will be a falling or vice versa.  The complementary but opposing forces would interact to form a whole greater than either separate part; thus bringing forth a dynamic system existing in harmony.  In other words, there’s no two ways about it i.e. one factor is always being balanced off with another factor, without exception.  This conclusion would bring us to an understanding that nature is functioning in a feature that is constant – a situation that does not change i.e. the characteristic of an inherent existence.  Therefore, we could mention that nature is a system that is universal i.e. it is inherent existing and dependent arising concurrently. 

When an object is set under an accelerating motion (an escalating vibrational frequency), the becoming process of the object would be stretched as compared with a relative object that is set under a constant or a decelerating motion.  In other words, the becoming process of the object has been slowed down comparatively and not the time that has been dilated or slowed down.  Time would only assume the expression that the becoming process has slowed down and not the other way round.  Literally, the slowing down of the becoming process would mean the slowing down of the aging process for a sentient being.  This is the correct understanding behind the thought experiment of twin paradox which concerns a twin who flies off in a spaceship traveling near the speed of light and returns to discover that his or her twin sibling has aged much more.  Similarly, a physically injured being would need to take a prolonged resting under serene surroundings in order to speed up the healing process (becoming process) via decelerating the vibrational frequencies of the injured body and the corresponding surroundings.     

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