Is spacetime more like a topographical map?

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Is spacetime more like a topographical map?
« on: 20/10/2014 05:59:37 »
Spacetime is sometimes talked about as being a mat where spacetime becomes curved wherever an object with mass is in it.

Do we know where the space time is and it’s not bent?

The sun and earth warp spacetime, do the galaxy’s and the galaxy cluster warp space time?

So is spacetime more like a topographical map with valleys where mass is and mountains where the voids are?

How far up the curve does time go, time here on earth at 1n. In deep space between the galaxy clusters is going at 6n. So if you measured time on earth then in space and continue on out into space away from the galaxy and galaxy cluster into the voids between where does time get to, 10n faster than on earth 100n times faster?

So if you had a line going from one galaxy to another or one galaxy cluster to another, time in between would warping along a line of gravity influence, outside the influence is the spacetime fabric what time is it running at?

Then a line running from the centre of our galaxy to the edge with earth at 1n, is the centre at -4 and the edge of the galaxy at +4

Does a star in the galaxy centre burn slower than a star on the edge of the galaxy?
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