How do crime-fighting lampposts work?

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How do crime-fighting lampposts work?
« on: 21/10/2014 17:13:00 »
Can we use data sets to predict where and when crimes are going to happen in cities? And if so, how can lampposts be used to fight crime?
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Re: How do crime-fighting lampposts work?
« Reply #1 on: 21/10/2014 18:54:04 »
I think I should write an episode of Doctor Who based on this idea. Lampposts flickering in sinister ways as people go by and occasionally toppling over, clobbering them on the head and then bouncing back up to get on with the task of illuminating the street as if nothing had happened. The Doctor investigates this phenomenon and eventually determines that all the people being bumped off deserve to be taken out because they're nasty criminals, so he just goes away and leaves the lampposts to it.