Can quantum dark energy explain telepathy?

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Can quantum dark energy explain telepathy?
« on: 24/10/2014 16:09:41 »
Telepathy and quantum entanglement seem to match each other in that a communication connection exists, but no tangible connection.  Could there be a hitherto unknown dark energy particle produced by electrical impulses in the brain?  Could it be that entangled particles of this dark energy are shared?   If a plasmon circuit in the brain creates patterns of these dark matter particles, based on thoughts and ideas, do people with the shared particles sense the same patterns of thoughts and ideas?  How long lived are these particles, how long do they maintain patterns, and what might be the mechanism for transfer?  These particles may be exchanged through quantum molecular tunneling, allowing a brain to transmit them outside of the head, and a person with a corollary quantum molecular tunnel for reception to readily receive the particles.  Persons sharing close and personal spaces may be more likely to transfer these particles to each other such as twins, relatives, friends, and even enemies.  It may be that these particles are long lasting and this may allow objects to be imbued with the dark particle patterns, allowing a sensitive to read a person through the object.  It may be that wherever a transmitter goes the location they were at is imbued withe thought patterns of their experiences. The implications of such a mechanism for telepathy imply this process may be amplified by electronics to increase the strength of transmission and reception.  It also implies that we could control electronics through the use of telepathy.