Can squeezed states of dark matter counteract gravity?

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What is the space-time surface? How thick is it? How many layers does it have? What are the media providing the boundary interface? If we envisioned dark matter as a vast ocean stretching across the cosmos, then a mass traversing this dark energy ocean would cause a bow wake whose friction against the mass pulls in the opposite direction to the acceleration of the mass.  This frame dragging friction might be the gravitational force.  In order to counter the dragging force of the dark energy on the mass we need to accelerate the dark energy matter in the same direction as the direction of mass acceleration. In order to cause this acceleration of dark energy I propose we introduce an occillation in the squeezed state of dark matter.  We need a reflector at one end of the squeezed state reaction to cause the dark matter to accelerate in the opposite direction of the reflector.  I believe mass to be a natural reflector to dark matter.  Having a tubular squeezed structure of dark matter would reflect off a large mass and accelerate a small mass in the opposite direction in oppositions n to gravity.