Motivational 'fleas in a jar' video - is it real or fake?

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I've seen the use of an alleged experiment where fleas are kept in a jar, when the lid is removed they act like it's still there and the footage suggests their offspring go on to do the same.

Is it nothing but an old playstation marketing video rehashed - is there any truth in it- I assume not - but less questioning friends have just gone for wow thats amazing - I'm willing to be amazed but willing to doubt it too?

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Re: Motivational 'fleas in a jar' video - is it real or fake?
« Reply #1 on: 22/11/2014 06:18:06 »
Cute video.

However, as with many experiments one has to have a "control" group.  Is there sticky paper outside of the jar to see if any fleas truly escape?

I.E.  Can the fleas jump out of the jar if there had never been a lid on it?  Don't fleas need blood to survive and reproduce?  How are they being fed?

I presume it would be easy enough to take a jar without a lid, fill it with fleas.  Then fairly rapidly one would sort those fleas capable of jumping out from those that were incapable of jumping out.  And, this trait might be passed on from one generation to the next. 

I bumped into a note on Flea Circuses which may give the impression of flea training.